Taking care of the small things makes a big difference
Horse Health Week - 26th to 30th September 2016

Horse Health Week 2016

Thank you for making Horse Health Week 2016 a great success.

‘Taking care of the small things makes a big difference’ was the theme adopted for Horse Health Week 2016. The aim of the week was simple: to demonstrate and explain the way in which small changes to your horse care routine can make a big difference to their horse’s health.

You will find useful checklists, booklets and videos on this page which will help you keep your horse in the best health possible.  Remember your vet is always happy to discuss any concerns you might have and can offer you advice on all aspects of preventative healthcare.

We hope that you enjoyed Horse Health Week and that you will continue to consider your horse's preventative health, discuss it with your Yard Manager, other owners and with your vet.


Play your part and help keep Britain’s horses healthy

Join forces with Keeping Britains Horses Healthy to improve preventative healthcare and reduce infectious disease


Taking care of the small things makes a big difference

Our top tips for helping your horse remain happy & healthy

Prevention is better than cure!  Discuss with your vet the most appropriate preventative healthcare regime for your horse.  This is likely to include a vaccination and worming policy as well as routine dental checks.

Yard protocols.  Make sure your yard has a protocol in place for dealing with new horses to the yard and everyone knows what to do in the event of a horse becoming unwell with a suspected infectious disease

Know what is normal for your horse.  It is really important to make sure you know what is normal for your horse so you can tell when he is unwell.  Make sure you know his normal temperature, heart rate and respiration (breathing) rate

Preventative healthcare is most successful when everyone works together.  Spread the message and encourage other horse owners to make sure their horses’ vaccinations and worming programmes are appropriate and up to date to ensure we can help keep Britain’s horses healthy.